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Super Bright Rechargeable LED Handheld Flashlight Portable Spotlight 4 Mode New

Tactical flashlight high lumen, broken window life-saving flashlight, upgrade P100 burst wick comparable to car headlights unstoppable.

Rechargeable Flashlight,Long-lasting, power bank 

Rechargeable Flashlight High Lumens, Ba-tt-ery for a long life, this LED rechargeable flashlight could run up to 8 hours. USB input port allows you quickly charge the flashlight and the USB output port helps this led flashlight work as an emergency power bank to charge your phone, camera and etc.


One second through the window rescue escape

Toughened hammer can be used in an emergency to break the window to escape, and the hard hammer can also be applied to various situations in the field.


Modes & Adjustable Focus

Upgrade P100 high-lumen LED Flashlight, spotlight for long range, and floodlight for large area illumination. This 7w Lumen tactical flashlight is great for emergencies, camping, inspections, Flashlights For Police, and Everyday Use.

Better Quality IPX6 Water Resistant

Durable, water resistant, strong shock resistance, high quality ABS protect flashlight torch from rust, scratched, corrosion, it allows the using in various extreme weather. But she can’t stay submerged for long.

Switch (On/Off and mode change)

Main Light: 3 Modes (High/Medium/ Strobe )

First Click Power Button (High Brightness), Click the Second Time to Change to Medium Brightness, and Next Click Change Mode to Strobe, and The Fourth Click to Turn Off the Flashlight.

Long press for 3 seconds to turn it on or off.

Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlights Note

When inserting the ΒATTERY, please make “+” face towards the inside and “-” towards the outside.

Before charging, please make sure that the ΒATTERY is installed in the correct direction, otherwise, the flashlight will be damaged.

When not using it for a long time, please take out the ΒATTERY.

In order to prevent the problem of not being able to charge in the future, please do not run out of electricity before recharging.

Please do not mix old and new BATTERIES, BATTERIES of different BATTERIES and brands.

Keep the inner wall of the lampshade clean, do not wipe with your hands and hard things, and use cotton swabs and professional tools to wipe the fingerprint on the lens.

Package Includes

1 x Super Bright Rechargeable LED Handheld Flashlight Portable Spotlight 4 Mode New

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