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No more bloody fingers when slicing, chopping, or dicing!

This Finger Guard is perfect for anyone who is an upcoming chef in the kitchen. It is designed to protect your finger/knuckles so you can freely dice and slice away at your vegetables without the worry of losing a finger!


High-quality guard that protects fingers while slicing and dicing.

One size fits all.

Stainless steel design for durability – welded ring easily adjusts to the middle finger.

Durable and ergonomically shaped – tip holds food in the place.

High-quality surface processing – scratch-free surface.

Equal chopped portions as you get the best grip for the ideal cut.

✅Comes in a stainless steel finish.


Material: 430 Steel

Size: Single Finger 4.6*6.4

Weight: Single Finger 50g


Stainless Steel Finger Protector * 1

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