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Keeps Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather

Unlike humans, dogs can’t sweat through their skin so they are a bit more sensitive to heat than we are. However not to worry, the Pet Summer Sprinkler Pad doubles as a pool, simply turn off the water, and the water will stay in and serve as a cool and refreshing place where your pup play and chill out in the hot weather. 

Stay Active and Healthy

All dogs need daily exercise to stay happy, active, and healthy. Most dogs generally need at least 30 minutes to 2 hours of physical activity per day. The Pet Summer Sprinkler Pad provides a place where they can play to their heart’s content without overheating in hot weather.

Fun for Dogs and Kids

It is so much fun for dogs, kids…ohh and adults haha. It combines the best parts of a kiddie pool, water slip n slide, and sprinkler to make the most entertaining spray pad on the market and a great alternative to a traditional swimming pool.


1 × Furry Splasher


Small (100cm x 100cm)

Medium (150 cm x 150 cm)

Large (170 cm x 170 cm)

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