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If you are absolutely over pads, tampons, and liners for your period, then our Leakproof Period Panties is an ideal replacement for you. Whether you’re dubious or can’t wait to them out for yourself, panties for your period just keep getting more popular as an alternative to classic menstrual providers, like pads and tampons. The first question that may pop up in your mind is “How do protective underwear¬†work for the period?”

Leakproof Period Panties

leakproof menstrual underwear

Well, they are nothing like the adult diapers you’re probably imagining.¬†Leakproof Period Panties¬†look and feel just like normal underwear, so you don’t have to deal with the bulky discomfort that comes with utilizing pads, for example. The only difference you’ll notice with this¬†leakproof menstrual underwear is a special layer which an absorbent moisture technology, that allows you to move freely and prevents the blood from seeping!

Leakproof Period Panties

Beyond leaks, there are also sustainability, economic and environmental aspects to consider. Just think about it how many tampons an average woman will use in her lifecycle?

Well, let’s do the math, the average¬†menstruation¬†span is roughly 40-42 years per person. So on average, a woman may use up to 20-25 tampons a cycle that mean 240-250 tampons a year, that’s approximately a total of 9600 tampons in a menstrual lifecycle that also means that¬†approximately¬†20 billion tampons and pads are being dumped into landfills¬†or down the toilet each year, and the cost adds up. Ultimately, period underwear can be¬†cost-effective as well as a great choice if you want to cut back on waste.

Why You’ll Love Our Leakproof Period Panties?

Premium Quality: FDA has published a report on sanitary towels and tampons containing dangerous substances as Lindane and Glyphosate. With our products, you do not take any chances since our knickers are made of cotton and without dangerous substances.

Reusability:¬†This product is completely ‘Reusable’ which¬†will help lessen the impact of harmful disposable products on our environment, and not to mention save you extra dollars.

Comfortable and sleek: Our leakproof period panties are soft and look just like your normal knickers. But better.

Maximum Protection:¬†These period panties can¬†hold¬†20ml of menstrual fluid, which is equivalent to approximately 2 regular tampons,¬†keeping you ‘Leak Free’ throughout¬†the day or night protecting your clothes and bedsheets.

Great For Sport & Work: It helps you stay dry and comfy during walking or even during exercises and sports.

Easy to wash: Simply rinse in cold water, then wash on a cold cycle with your normal clothes. Line dry. Don’t use fabric softener as it prevents moisture-wicking and anti-microbial technologies from working.

leakproof menstrual underwear

Please Carefully Read The Following NOTES:

‚ě°Depending on how heavy your flow od, our period panties might not be absorbent enough, and for that, you can use also, our reusable, eco-friendly¬†WATERPROOF BAMBOO REUSABLE MENSTRUAL PADS.¬†for the ultimate leaks protection.

‚ě°Sizes are in USA size, please check our size table.

‚ě°Each package includes 3 pieces of Leak-proof Period Panties.

SIZE Waist Crotch Hip Weight
L 56cm 24cm 64 cm 48-55kg
XL 60cm 26cm 68 cm 55-65kg
2XL 64cm 28cm 72 cm 65-75kg
3XL 68cm 30cm 76 cm 75-85kg
4XL 72cm 32cm 80 cm 85-95kg
5XL 76cm 34cm 84 cm 95-105kg
6XL 80cm 35cm 88 cm 105-115kg
7XL 84cm 37cm 92 cm 115-125kg
8XL 88cm 39cm 96 cm 125-135kg
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