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An incredibly fun and addictive puzzle with a new challenge every day!

We have a new puzzle that people are going crazy about. To say that all dates are easy to find would be a lie, but there is at least one solution for each.

It gives you a new challenge every single day of the year. We differentiate our wooden calendar puzzle by not including any poorly design text etched on the front side.
There are already too many brands being shoved into our faces.


Size: 140*125*53 mm

Material: Wood + Acrylic

Packing: Color box

Color: Blue/Orange/Pink/Light Green/Light Blue/Wooden/Festival

All you need to do is fit these eight pieces into the calendar frame to leave one month and one day showing.
Can you find your birthday? Your favorite holidays? Your anniversary? Today’s date? Every day you have a new puzzle!
We believe this should look beautiful placed on the family room coffee table and work as a conversation piece instead of an advertisement. (Please peel off the protective film from the puzzle)

Everyone loves this puzzle!

I can’t put this down! I think I’m addicted.” – Martin D.

Genius! Most puzzles you only solve once and you’re done. This puzzle is a new puzzle every day. – Terry E.

My husband usually doesn’t like puzzles, but he plays with this one every day. – Dana S.

So much fun! Unbelievable that you can make every single day! –Waller J.

I can’t solve October 26th, so I’m changing my birthday to October 24th. – Joyce R.

Daily Calendar Puzzle is a great way to start your day! You’ll keep your brain sharp, develop visualization skills, and have a lot of fun trying to find the solution… every day of the year! This is a puzzle for all ages – young, old, and everyone in-between!

Each puzzle comes with a fold-out calendar so you cross off each day as you find it. Can you find all 365+ solutions? Compete with your friends and family!

You’re really going to love this puzzle. You can get several puzzles so you can compete with your friends and family. If you have a business, you can place them in your waiting rooms. Invited to dinner? Bring one as a gift!

Patented design – a whole new kind of puzzle
Most puzzles you can solve only once and you’re done. Daily Calendar Puzzle is an exciting new challenge day after day!

🎁It’s a perfect gift for your friends & family!

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